Technology enhanced estate.

Emerging as an innovation pillar, the 2267 Lifestyle Estate champions technological advancements that establish this development as a benchmark for sustainable luxury.

  • Each apartment comes with its own pre-installed Kodak solar inverter and 100-AH Pylontech lithium solar battery. An owner can add 5 extra batteries to the system.
  • A Zimbabwean first, all aluminium windows and doors are double-glazed. Double glazing will shut out all noise, which will in turn conserve electricity, reduce heat loss, and perform as a maximum security barrier.
  • Smart home – Remotely control lighting, security systems, and access control from your mobile device.
  • Lightning-fast 5G Wi-Fi, fibre internet, or the option of Elon Musk’s Starlink Internet.
  • Each apartment comes with AC and a heat pump for hot water with this new Chigo™ innovation.

We are excited to be the first to introduce air-energy heat exchange technology in Zimbabwe.  Air Energy Heat Exchangers will provide AC cooling in summer and heating in winter, while at the same time providing hot water even at temperatures as low as -15 degrees.

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